Front End Chatter - episode 90

Front End Chatter podcast

Hello, good morning and welcome to Front End Chatter E90, Britain’s most least favourite biking podcast, veritably triggered by, the world’s biking on the web, and Bennetts, the bike and travel insurance specialists. 

And this fortnight we have, for you aural delectation, spoken words on:


• MotoGP is back, at Qatar where Miller’s seat comes off, Mav goes backwards, Rossi goes forwards, Marquez and Dovizioso repeat last season’s last lap, and Ducati plot a spoiler

• why MotoE isn’t coming to a short circuit near you soon

• Dave Bautista keeps on winning in WSB, but it’s not Ducati’s fault...

• ... so no pressure in BSB then, Scott...



• first ride on Moto Guzzi’s new V85 TT ‘classic enduro’ 



• do business biking miles count as much as personal biking miles?

• more hi-viz pros and cons

• trail braking explained properly

• the great seat height debate, and how to make bikes fit more people more of the time

• more ideas on getting kids into bikes – and were 125s better in the 1990s? 

• which brands offer the best value for money? 

• why are there no wheelies in bike magazines any more? 


... plus much more rubbish, nonsense and stuff. 


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