Front End Chatter - episode 180

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome back to Front End Chatter, Britain's most durable motorcycling podcast, with Simone Hargreaves and Marion Fitz-Gibbons – a pair of ye olde worlde motorcycle journalists like wot they had off them magazines they used to have, talking about bikes, talking about riding them, talking about remembering what it was like to ride them, talking about dreaming of riding them, and talking about other things as well. Or even better. There's more to life than bikes – you might think that's what you came here for, but bikes are just the start.

Anyway, thank you to Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance, and, the best place on the web to locate all your motorcycling news, views and reviews. And check out their YouTube channel, whydontcher?

On this mighty organ of FEC we have:

  • a chat about the BikeSocial group test of the Suzuki GSX-8S, Honda Hornet, KTM 790 Duke and Yamaha MT-07
  • Yamaha's Tracer 9 GT+ with added radar soup
  • a bit of natter about manufacturers using throttle mapping to define the power delivery of their bikes
  • KTM's upcoming 1390 motor, and what size it might actually be
  • ...and do we really need more capacity, and is that what really sells new bikes?
  • plus some of your FECsack emails, including what bike best sums up the 1990s?

Thanks again to everyone for your ears, and please write with your questions, thoughts, queries, jokes, funny experiences, and that time you met <insert famous motorcyclist> and he tried to get off with your girlfriend, to:





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