Front End Chatter - episode 179

Front End Chatter


Hello everyone and welcome to episode 179 of Front End Chatter, Britain’s Chattiest Motorcycling podcast with him Martin Fitz-Gibbons, and him, Simon Hargreaves – underpinned, as ever, by Bennetts, Britain’s best bike insurer and, the place to go for your biking info.

And on this week’s FEC we have:

  • EXCLUSIVE details of a special ADDITIONAL FEC tour THIS YEAR!
    Yes, we’ve teamed up again with our friends at MCI Tours to bring you a FECin Welsh Weekend. When’s that, I hear you ask?
    I’m glad you did – the FECin Welsh Weekend is taking place from the afternoon/evening of Friday 22nd September, riding on Saturday and Sunday, departing Monday 25th September. JOIN US – on the best roads in Wales, officially selected by the Cannes Jury Of Mint Roads in Wales, Bach.
    Visit and get involved.

Also in this honestly massive episode of FEC (because bigger is better, right?)

  • Ivan Cervantes, multiple enduro world champ and Triumph test rider speaks about his world record endurance ride on a Tiger 1200, doing 2493 miles in 24 hours – and also updates on the progress of Triumph’s forthcoming range of enduro and motocross bikes


  • all the info on two new technologies coming up on BMW’s R1300 GS – radar-powered front collision warning system and a new suspension system with variable spring rate (haven’t we heard this before? – Ed)
  • details of Triumph’s new 400 Scrambler X and Speed 400
  • how to ride in the wet

...and if that’s not enough, there’s more of the same. Blimey.

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