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Front End Chatter - episode 177

BikeSocial Road Tester. As one half of Front End Chatter, Britain’s longest-running biking podcast, Simon H admits in same way some people have a face for radio, he has a voice for writing.



Front End Chatter


Hello, good morning and welcome to Front End Chatter, Britain's best general-purpose biking podcast (apart from racing podcasts, of which there are many and excellent). This is Episode 177 of nonsense, the first since the FEC Grin Up North tour. And it's been a while because Simon and Martin have been busy eking a living from the dry, dusty soil of freelance motorcycle journalism.

Thanks as always to Bennetts, with whom you ought to be insured for so many reasons – they're actually motorcyclists, for a start. And they support and its associated YouTube channel, where you can find road tests, launches, news, proper consumer advice and loads more genuinely useful, and entertaining, stuff. Check out becoming a BikeSocial Member, because the money-off offers alone are more than worthwhile – not to mention the competition offers.

Anyway, on this episode of FEC Simon and Martin natter about:

  • The FEC800 Grin Up North Tour

  • Martin's impressions of Suzuki's GSX-S1000 GT+

  • Simon's impressions of Honda's Gold Wing

  • Honda's DCT system and why it's taken 13 years for Simon to get over himself

  • why Ireland is SO NICE!

  • speculation about BMW's M1000XR

  • some truths about the hydrogen as an alternative fuel, and why the Japanese manufacturers have got together to find out it's probably not the answer

  • your FEC Sack questions and queries including why changing your tyres is a Good Thing, why there's good riding in the south of England if you go looking for it, is Ducati's Monster defined by a trellis frame, and riding bikes before you were born. *From* before you were born, not actually pre-womb.

Thanks for listening, send your questions, thoughts and lunatic ravings to

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This episode is dedicated to the memory of Boz.



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