Front End Chatter - episode 174

Front End Chatter


Dearest FECers, welcome to episode 174 of the long-running – well, it's our ninth birthday, apparently, Happy Birthday to us etc – motorcycling podcast brought to you by Simon Hargreaves and Martin Fitz-Gibbons, and ably, nimbly and elastically supported by Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists (and if you haven't yet, you really should) and, the world of wokecycling on the web.

And on this episode of FEC we have:

• Martin making his spring comeback on his MV

• top tips for getting back into it after a winter lay-off

• the current state of play on the roads in Ireland

• Simon rides BMW's R1250 RS and gets confused by Triumph's DRLs

• plus a bunch of FECmails including naming your bike, which Guzzi, does your confidence dip, and what a compression and why is it ratioed?

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