Front End Chatter - episode 160

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter, Britain's Podcastiest Motorcycle, brought to you by Simone Hargreaves, Martina Fitz-Gibbons, Ben Nets (the bike insurance specialists) and (the best biking website on the er, web).


And on this, the 160th episode, we have for your aural delectation, gossip about:

  • Marc Marquez – will he or won't he?
  • Suzuki – will they or won't they?
  • MotoGP – is it better than WSB or not?
  • The FEC800 – was it amazing, or was it amazing?
  • Simon's injury – is it a broken leg or ankle?
  • Yamaha's Ténéré 700 World Raid – is it better than a Ténéré 700 or not?

...and much, much more!


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