Front End Chatter - episode 145

Front End Chatter


Hello and go away to Front End Chatter, the UK’s most motorcycling podcast featuring aural nonsense from Martin Fitz-Gibbons and Simon Hargreaves. This is episode 145, supported and nourished by Bennetts Bike Social; so much more than just bike – and now car – insurance: check out their website to discover the multifarious munificent benefits of membership. And, if you’re at all interested in Yamaha’s Tracer 9 GT v Triumph’s Tiger 900 GT Pro v BMW’s F900XR v Kawasaki’s Versys 1000 SE GT, check out the road test video on that there YouTube

Anyway, on this week’s moany, miserable-ass FEC we have:

  • on-the-scenes goss from the British MotoGP at Silverstone, including why Mufga loved being there on Saturday and Simon hated it
  • Dorna’s race feed going down just before the race
  • Marquez crashing out *again* and why he’s the crashingiest rider this season
  • Aprilia’s... we can’t call it a resurrection so let’s just call it an erection...
  • WSB gets a mention with some fab racing from Magny Cours – and some scandalous losing
  • more new bikes from Triumph with a teaser for the all-new Tiger 1200 and leaked shots of the new Speed Triple RR
  • ...and the new Moto Guzzi V100 – all-new water-cooled engine, with fins, with fairly *interesting* looks...

Plus the FEC sack, including:

  • changing pads to change braking character
  • re-setting the quickshifter on an S1000XR
  • a touching story about becoming emotionally attached to items of bike clothing
  • when is a tubeless tyre not a tubeless tyre? Answers please, because we don’t know...

And much, much more – including more info on the first, and perhaps only, FEC Tour coming in May 2022...

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