Front End Chatter - episode 143

Front End Chatter


Welcome, friends, to Front End Chatter E143 – the one hundred and forty third time Martin Fitz-Gibbons and Simon Hargreaves, some-time motorcycle journalists past and present, have sat, stood and otherwise presented themselves before a pair of microphones and spoken unto them, sometimes with funny accents. 

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And on this episode of Front End Chatter:

  • The GOATI (Greatest Of All Time Ish) announces his retirement: not a moment too soon, or wailing and gnashing of teeth?
  • all the spills and thrills... yes, count them... from the Styrian MotoGP, let’s call it Austria #1 between friends
  • Aprilia’s new Tuareg 660, the third model in the popular parallel twin series, picked apart on paper
  • if you could buy your first bike back now, would you restore it to its original condition or put it back to how you last rode it?
  • What's the best sportsbike to buy now as an investment? 
  • weren't the 1990s great?

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