Front End Chatter - episode 139

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to episode 139 of Front End Chatter, the marvellous motorcycling podcast supported and, indeed, buoyed by Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists, and, the world of motorcycling on the web.

And on FEC this week we have:

  • young Fabio’s habit of getting his boobs out, and the propriety of doing it on the last laps of a MotoGP race
  • plans to livestream the 2022 TT, plus more racing in 2023
  • where we stand on Ana Carrasco’s balls
  • Simon’s latest headphone revelations


  • more on where to your feet when you’re riding
  • if you haven’t got a bike, are you still a biker?
  • what would you do and where would you ride if you knew you had limited time left?
  • are electric bikes *really* green or is it just a great big hypocrisy?


And much, much more!

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