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Front End Chatter - episode 136

BikeSocial Road Tester. As one half of Front End Chatter, Britain’s longest-running biking podcast, Simon H admits in same way some people have a face for radio, he has a voice for writing.



Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to Episode 136 of Front End Chatter, the UK's most chocolatey motorcycling podcast. 

Thank you to Bennetts, the suspenders to our stockings, and, the internet's repository of all that is wise and current about motorcycling.

And in this episode Simon and Martin rattle on about:

  • MotoGP is back! Two races from Qatar, a veritable oasis of human rights, and a few lefts, in the desert – where, true to current MotoGP form, there is literally and metaphorically no form book.

  • Suzuki's Hayabusa gets ragged up a runway fo some speed figures, and reveals the result of its engine changes

  • Triumph unveil the TE-1 – their electric Speed Triple [it's not a triple - Ed] and even cynics are taking an interest [will the first test be written by Sir Alan Cathode? Hahhaahha – Ed]

  • and a deep dive into the FEC sack, with wide ranging questions such as:

  • which Scrambler is the best?

  • are there any bike models in which the bike with the smaller engine is better than its bigger brother?

  • are illegally ridden electric mountain bikes putting kids off 'proper' motorbikes? 

  • advice on new bikes and rubbish tyres

...and much, much more. 

Thanks again to the patron saints of FEC – Bennetts and BikeSocial – and please keep you thoughts, questions, queries and musings coming to:
And get Simon: 
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