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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter, Britain’s nicest motorcycling podcast, with Simon H & Mufga, punctuated and perforated by Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists and, home of news, views, road tests and Jammie Dodgers.

And on this month’s – hang on, it’s been a month? – we chatter about:

  • the closest, craziest MotoGP season since records began with exploding brakes, exploding forearms, exploding engines, first-time winning teams, bikes and riders, unlikely crashes and testing pit-to-bike radios
  • why World Superbike is worth watching this year
  • the merits or otherwise of Ewan and Charley’s Long Way Up, on Harley Livewires
  • does Regina’s new M-Endurance chain signal the end of lubing and adjusting?
  • is the FIM’s criteria for five push-ups really sufficient to determine a human’s fitness to ride a MotoGP bike?
  • do bike journos adjust test bike suspension to suit their preference?
  • do men really ask their partners for ‘permission’ to buy a new bike?
  • the wisdom of repairing a puncture with a proper kit v a self-tapping screw
  • how to start racing and which is the best bike or series to choose?
  • which is the best hypersportsbike for a bit of pillion action?
  • has the rise of social media bike content and the decline of print media brought younger riders into motorcycling?

Plus much more (well, a bit).

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