Front End Chatter - episode 119

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to possibly the final lock-down episode of Front End Chatter, the motorcycling podcast that reaches the parts upon which other podcasts fear to tread. Thanks as always and eternally to that repository of all that is knowledgeable and wise,, and Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists. 

And in episode 119, Martin and Simon chatter about: 

          revving up for the return of MotoGP at Jerez with more speculation about who goes where in 2021, and guessing who’s going to win

          the great biennial KTM giveaway

          is Arai’s Pro Shade: inelegant solution or just naff?

          is taking weight off your bike’s flywheel a good idea, and can it improve handling?

          track days are back in action, but how safe are they post-lockdown?

          after six years and 119 episodes, what are our FEC highlights?

          how would riders who ride in POLITE vests react if they were asked to do actual police work?

          what’s the biggest thing you’ve carried on the back of your bike?

          what’s the best post-Direct Access bike for a new rider, for around £4000, apart from Honda’s CBR650F?

          what to look for when buying your first bike, and how to try not to buy one with a shagged gearbox without getting a test ride

          the pros and cons of commuting on so-called ‘exotic’ bikes, and is Husqvarna’s Nuda 900 the ideal exotic commuter?

          how high can you drop a helmet from before it’s knackered? 

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