Front End Chatter - episode 118

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter, the occasionally number one motorcycling podcast in Iceland and, now, Singapore. This is episode 118 in a series we can confidently state contains at least 118 episodes recorded from the orals of Martin Fitz-Gibbons and Simon Hargreaves, a pair of motorcycle journalists who’ve both forgotten more than they ever knew anyway.

Eternal thanks to that font (sans serif) – all your two-wheeled infotainment emanating from one convenient portal (and YouTube) – and Bennetts, the bike insurance experts who not only insure your motorcycle but also add all kinds of benefits and bonuses; discounts, offers and competitions. Quite the array of offers should you so be inclined, as indeed you should.

Anyway, to matters in hand: in this episode of FEC we have:

• more speculation on the MotoGP merry-go-round of who’s signed for who and who’s not signed for anyone and who might be getting the Herr Flick

• disgraced Norton ex-boss Stuart Onions is required to pay back £14m of other people's money he no longer has

• Yamaha release details of the Ténéré 700 Rally, which may or may not be the best-looking bike of 2020

• Ducati launch the Superleggera in an exclusive ride at Mugello, and it's really fast and really expensive and sounds nice, aye


• our favourite rides of all time

• the perils of using a phone as a sat nav

• keep the GSX-R750 or get an SV650X or a Tiger?

• why tracing fuelling faults is the worst job in the world

• why aren't photo-reactive visors more common?

• the problem with carbon fibre wheels

...and much more including Simon's sandwich recipe and Martin's biking spirit guide revealed.


Thanks for watching with your ears, and you'll hear from us again soon!







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