Front End Chatter - episode 117

Front End Chatter


Halló og velkomin to Front End Chatter E117, briefly the most popular automotive podcast in the whole of Iceland (a country renowned for its exquisite and most excellent taste) and also, briefly, the second-most popular automotive podcast in the UK (er, yes, them too).

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Right, on this week's episode we have chatter about:

  • The return of racing, with condensed schedules proposed for MotoGP and BSB – and which riders will benefit?
  • Rider line-ups for 2021 taking shape, with him there and him going there, does that mean he won't go there?
  • ·no Motorcycle Live in 2020 – so what new bikes will we see in 2021, and where can we see them?
  • why do manufacturers make bikes with small fuel tanks?
  • the four-wheel Honda powered by an Africa Twin engine
  • how to fit earplugs properly, and are foam plugs better than custom-made plugs?
  • with touchscreens and electronics, are bikes getting too complicated for their own good?
  • will voice-activation be a thing for bikes in the future?

...and much, much more, no, really.


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