Front End Chatter - episode 116

Front End Chatter


Hello you lucky people you, and welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 116 with Simon Hargreaves and Martin Fitz-Gibbons, brought to you via Durham with a detour to Castle Barnard.

Front End Chatter is supported ably and substantively through thick and thickerer by Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists, and, internet home of motorcycling. 

And in this episode, a still socially distant Martin and Simon rabbit on about:

• the return of MotoGP, and whose Alpinestars Jack Miller will be filling at Ducati in 2021... and if they turn out to be Petrucci's, will the Italian then go and do the Dakar instead?
• getting back on a bike after post lockdown, and is 'riding rust' actually a thing or is it just riders getting overexcited after a period of inactivity? 
• what bikes do we think are the best of all time in a FEC's Factor?
• should we celebrate 125 episodes of FEC by doing 125 laps of a flat-track oval, or a roundabout?
• will Kawasaki's supercharging technology eventually trickle down to smaller bikes in their range, or will it always be flagship technology? 
• is an R1250GS *really* the ultimate aspirational bike, or is it over-hyped?
• will wearing an air-bag suit one day be as normal as putting on a helmet?
• is it ever okay to cheer a rider crashing on a race track? 
... and much more natter and chatter. 

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