Front End Chatter - episode 115

Front End Chatter


Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter, Britain’s most teeth-sucking motorcycling podcast... but no! That was the previous episode! For FEC115, Simon and Martin have installed a 5G mast at Chatter Manors to deliver you, dear FECers, broadcast quality audio at what I think you’ll agree is the minor cost of second-degree skin burns among the local peasant population.  

Thanks as ever to our comrades at – the worldwide web of motorcycling (check out their YouTube channel, it’s awesome despite Simon’s launch videos) and of course Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists.

And in this week’s worldwide web of waffle we discuss:

• when is lockdown not a lockdown, and why it’s important to make our first ride back special

• how MotoGP and WSB plan to keep calm and carry on – and if a race falls down in a season and there’s no-one there to see it, does it actually happen? 


• taking an MT-07 off road, and is it better to have a single all-rounder, or two specialist bikes but each at half the value?

• Fazer 1000 or FZ1 Fazer? And what are the best mods?

• is there any way to keep cool on roasting hot days, and which bikes should be avoided?  And do bikes run hotter today then they used to?

• what’s our favourite engine configuration and is it the sole reason for falling in love with a bike?

• drop visors – yes or no?

• what modern gadgets are hardest to live without?

...and much more nattering and chattering, as usual.


Thanks for listening, hope it’s still helping in this crazy time and hope we all can ease back into riding without causing ourselves or other people any problems. Please keep your emails (and sound files!) coming to us at

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Peace and biscuits.




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