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Front End Chatter - episode 108

BikeSocial Road Tester. As one half of Front End Chatter, Britain’s longest-running biking podcast, Simon H admits in same way some people have a face for radio, he has a voice for writing.



Front End Chatter podcast


Hello, welcome and feel free, literally, to feast your aurals on Front End Chatter, A Most Biking Podcast, with this being Episode 108 delivered in a stream of barely comprehensible noughts and ones directly into your earballs courtesy of the UK's most celebratory biking website, and Bennetts, the number one and ONLY place to get your bike insurance because they actually put something back into biking, including this podcast, unlike certain other so-called 'motorcycle' insurance companies who are all just take, take, take. Yeah. You know it, brother.. 🤘

Simon and Martin's scrambled thinking this week includes: 

• the fall-out from Andrea Weeannone's B sample* 
*warning, may contain drug references and mild ridicule
• the fall-out from Guy Martin's court case – oh, hang on, there is none...
• the fall-out from a certain Donington Castle-based motorcycle manufacturer facing a winding-up order if their tax bill isn't paid pronto...
• more of your emails, thoughts, comment, queries and questions drawn from all four corners of the globe and placed in the mighty FEC sack... ...hang on, a globe hasn't got corners.

Enjoy the show, and please email us on 

Or harass Martin on Twitter: @Mufga
But not Simon because he's a snowflake

Laters, taters.



Or you can download directly, by doing that right-clicky thing HERE


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