Front End Chatter - episode 106

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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter E106, Britain’s fave biking podcast, supported and enabled by the good people at and Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists.

And in this fab, decidedly non-Xmassy, episode we have:

  • relatively informed but mostly speculative chatter about Triumph’s new Tiger 900, including probably far too much thinking about its innovative T-bone crank – explained in an aural medium with the help of a drum machine
  • Guy Martin off that telly they have now recreates a half century-old movie stunt by jumping a Triumph over a fence in Austria. Or Bavaria. They all look the same with your eyes shut. Which he probably did when he landed
  • the pros and cons of riding a pair of premium litre sportsbikes on the road in December
  • more of your FEC-sack emails, including subjects as varied as magazines making up letters, does size matter when it comes to riding style, and being gear-shamed in public

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