Front End Chatter - episode 62

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Hello everybody and welcome to Front End Chatter, the semi-regular spoken word salad that refuses to stray into nostalgia (other than to remember when nostalgia was better than it is today).


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In this 90-minute natter extravaganza, Simon and Martin discuss:

  • MotoGP from Brno, which was either brilliant or boring, where the winner won by a move of either sheer genius or random fortune
  • Is it time to wave the chequered flag on flag-to-flag races?
  • Guy Martin’s future plans, and whether he’s quitting, retiring, or quitting retiring?
  • The new ‘global partnership’ between Triumph and Bajaj – and how many badges can you bodge on a Bajaj?
  • Is the London scooter crime spree creating a potential new marketing opportunity?
  • The most expensive zeroes and ones in motorcycling

Plus all of your emails covering everything from a little-known but much-loved Australian bike-gang film, recalling recalls and more GS stanchion shenanigans, the exceptional machines of Honda’s golden period, overlooked V-twins, bargain sports-tourers, the value of ABS, a reason to speed, the blame game, and the best bikes we’ve crashed.


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