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This week, between blackbird interruptions, we look back at the fallout from the spectacular Jerez MotoGP race – which isn’t the same as the Corby Grand Prix – including: 

  • race weekend perfection from Daniel Pedrosa
  • Yamaha’s asymmetrical grip
  • the world’s least safe safety car
  • a last corner clash that failed to materialise
  • the closest championship since 2009
  • do the riders, premium athletes to a man, actually pop a can of Red Bull in parc fermé?
  • the trials and tribulations of ex-Moto2 rider and sometime World Champ Danny Kent, who’s not from Kent

Plus – a re-evaluation of Ducati’s SuperSport, the merits of A2-licence friendly inline fours or parallel twins, and news of Avon’s new Spirit ST, their ‘hypertouring’ tyre.


Plus – some of your emails, including more of your best-looking non-sportsbikes, is speeding as socially unacceptable as drunk driving, who is General Zarco, what is the Kuiper Belt, is an MOT really necessary, what is defensive riding, how to fix a heavy throttle, and how to spot an idiot bike seller.


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