Front End Chatter - episode 53b

Front End Chatter podcast

Welcome to Front End Chatter 53b – made possible by; go check them out! – and it’s a special FEC dedicated to answering, or failing to answer, your emails. Topics up for Front End Chattery include:

  • what’s happened to the UK sportsbike market?
  • do ex-police bikes make good winter hacks?
  • why a BMW K1200LT is the best-value used bike out there
  • the best set of one-piece leathers for under £600...
  • ... and what should be worn under them?
  • more headphone chat (that’s quite enough of that – Ed)
  • what’s better: being faster or being safer?
  • why MotoGP frames are hand-made and production bike frames aren’t
  • is a Honda Varadero more comfy than a Pan European, and are they more comfy than a VFR800? And where does a CBF1000 fit in all this? (and what about a BMW K1200LT?) 
  •  why there’s a TAT, might one day be a TET, but probably not a TIT or a TWAT
  • more Honda heated grips gripes – and turns out it’s not just the Africa Twin that suffers
  • more top five favourite bikes, and a few least favourite bikes... including Honda’s 929 Blade and Kawasaki’s 2007 Z750
  • how to decode new bike launches, why they’re honest, and why context matters

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