New Riders & Motorcycle Training


Hands up who’d take up skiing, horse riding or scuba diving without taking lessons? Not us. Most of the BikeSocial team learned the hard way why better riding matters and that’s why we made sure the list of riding features below is so long and comprehensive. It seems crazy that just because we’ve passed the basic bike test and survived a few years on a motorcycle that we somehow think we are an expert in controlling a 200bhp superbike. Becoming a better rider is easy – just listen to the people who’ve already done it, think about what they tell you and put it into practice. For those lacking patience, book yourself onto an advanced riding course, everyone else can just read BikeSocial’s comprehensive collection of articles.

Our crack team of riding experts have been there, done that, got the certificate and sadly, investigated a few too many accidents involving riders. They know what can go wrong, but thankfully, they also know what to do to avoid it happening to you.

Improving your riding skills, whether it is cornering confidence, overtaking, filtering through traffic, road positioning, bike control or observation, is the best investment you can make in motorcycling. You’ll be a faster, smoother, safer and more confident rider, but more than that, you will also get far more enjoyment out of every ride.

In addition to the road skills, we’ve also got loads on improving your track riding with the experts from the California Superbike School. There are also a collection of features on off-road skills including reviews of the many different schools and real-world examples of exercises to help you get better off-road.