You ask, we answer! Where’s my stop light switch?

Posted: 27 Jun 2013

Neil Burnet recently got in touch with us via our Facebook page to ask us a question about his Suzuki Bandit. We asked an expert for some advice...


“Why doesn't my Suzuki Bandit GSF 600s have a stop light switch on the foot brake?”


Perhaps it was broken and removed by a previous owner? Somewhere welded to the frame near the pedal there should be what looks like a thin metal lug that appears to have a circle cut out of it, along with a missing section from the outside to the inside of the circle. This is the mount for a mechanical brake switch. No switch in place means you need to buy one (they come with wires to connect to the bike’s wiring loom).

You’ll also need a thin light-weight spring to connect the switch’s plunger to the lever. As the lever is depressed the spring moves and activates the switch. Make sure to use a spring – fixed wire can break the switch if the lever moves further than the recommended distance. Threads on the brake light switch body offer adjustment when placed in the frame bracket.  

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