You ask we answer – My ZX10’s clutch is super heavy

Posted: 11 Dec 2013

Kawasaki ZX10R

Samantha Arden got in touch with us on Facebook to ask about making the clutch on her 2006 ZX10R lighter by changing to longer, doglegged levers with span dials. We put her question to one of our experts who has provided the following response:


I have short Pazzo levers with span dials on my ZX10R 2006. The clutch is super heavy. I want to change to longer levers that are doglegged and have span dials to give me more leverage and they might feel lighter. Which manufacturers should I look at?


There’s myriad of replacement levers (ASV, PSR, CRG etc) out there, and all come with recommendation by those who have them on their bikes. Of course, one person’s like is another person’s hate. I mean, people swear by the Pazzo levers you have. The problem is most lever manufacturers have swerved to the trend of short, two-fingered levers so choice of full length doglegged is narrowing. Have you visited a Kawasaki dealer to see if any standard levers are interchangeable with your lever mount – remember, if you have a blade on your lever to operate the clutch lock-out switch it’s best to retain this. Alternatively, go to a specialist aftermarket parts shop or look at racing specific websites to see what’s on offer. One thing to be wary of is cheap Chinese levers that offer adjustment mechanisms – we have seen cases where the rotating wheel simply falls apart/out.

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