You ask we answer: GSX-R 750 throttle shuddering?

Posted: 01 Dec 2013

Allan wants to know why his GSXR throttle shudders

Allan Pitcher got in touch with us on Facebook to ask about the throttle shuddering on his GSX-R750 at 4,000rpm. We put his query to our panel of experts and here’s their answer:


My GSX-R750 K4 keeps shuddering when throttle held around 4000 revs and then pops when I roll off. I’ve had the power commander remapped and the bike dyno'd twice. I don't think it's the fuelling. Could it be spark plugs or ignition coil?


Could be. Could also be a 100 other things that you might spend hours looking for. If you want to dedicate a night on the internet looking at forums in hope of finding the reason and cure, good luck to you. Your headache is made worse with the fitment of a Power Commander because the bike is no longer standard – as you’ve found out. First thing I’d do is make sure there are no air leaks on the rubber inlet stubs and also on any exhaust joints. Failing that, to save hassle, take the bike to a Suzuki dealer to see if its diagnostic kit can shed light on the cause. This might be cheaper in the long run.

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