You ask, We answer – Where can I try off-road riding?

Posted: 07 Jan 2014


Photo: Schedl R.

I’ve always fancied having a go at trail riding and enduro, maybe even a bit of motocross, but don’t know where to start. I’ve been riding big road bikes for years but never ridden off-road, other than on a quad last year. Is there somewhere I can go to have a go?

Dave Short, Staffordshire

You’re in luck. There are plenty of off-road schools dotted around the UK. Most offer something for the first-time rider, with hire bikes, to the more serious guy who plans of dominating the off-road scene.

One of the best we’ve tried is the Ady Smith off-road try-out days. The training is enduro based, but in reality the skills you’re taught will be used any time you get near a bike.

Ady is one of the nicest, most patient, and knowledgeable guys you could ever want to meet, and former British enduro champion. What he doesn’t know about riding off-road isn’t worth knowing. Some friends of ours recently attended one of his days as off-road virgins and came away absolutely peaking about the experience.

Ady’s days start from around £100. Go to

Other off-road try outs we could recommend are the Yamaha Off-Road Experience, Simon Pavey’s BMW Off-Road Skills course, and Geoff Meyer’s school at Wildtrax in Suffolk.

Yamaha off-road school:

Kawasaki off-road school (usually based at a circuit near Newmarket, just off the A14).

BMW’s legendary off-road skills experience:

 or !

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