You ask we answer - I need a low seated 600!

Posted: 10 Jan 2014

Ducati's Monster 696 is a good option

Lorraine got in touch with us on Facebook to ask for recommendations on bikes with a low seat height to take her test on. We put the question to one of our resident riders and below you can find the response.


I’m looking or a bike to take my test on that’s 600cc but with a low seat height as I’m quite short and struggling to find one.  


You’re in luck as there are a number of 600cc motorcycles on the market targeted at new riders and yes, with low seat heights. Ducati’s Monster 696 is a good choice; with a seat height of just 770mm (30.3 inches) it’s ideal for the shorter rider and let’s face it, the Monster has always been a stunning bike. You can buy the 696 restricted if you’re looking to take the A2 test.  If a brand new one stretches your budget a bit, the older 600 models have equally low seat heights.

As a shorter rider myself, my choice would be the Monster but there are other options available too. Kawasaki’s ER6-F is perfect for a beginner and also has a low seat height of just 790mm. Suzuki’s GSX650F is a great all-rounder with a 770mm seat height.

It might be worth taking a trip to a local dealer and having a sit on some of the bikes in question to see what sort of seat height you’re looking for. You should only buy a bike you feel comfortable on and don’t forget, you could always have the seat itself reduced in size!  

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