You ask, we answer - How do I remove an endless chain?

Posted: 02 Jul 2013

Mark Penrice recently got in touch with us on Facebook to ask how he can remove an endless chain without a chain breaker or riveting tool. We asked one of our experts to provide Martin with some advice, and here it is!


Is there a way to remove an endless chain, and shorten a replacement (spring clip) one, if you don't have an actual chain breaker/riveter tool?


You have several options: 1) grind off the flattened heads of the riveted link and disassemble the link – don’t remove the chain but loosely connect the new chain to the old one with the old/new link and pull one end of the old chain so the new chain pulls through and over the swingarm in place of the old chain. 2) Remove the rear wheel and suspension and then remove the swingarm. This (2) is a long job but at least you can now grease all bearings involved. What you need to ask yourself is why you are replacing just the chain? Worn chain means worn sprockets means a worn new chain very quickly. Replace all sprockets at the same time. And why are you using a spring link chain when the old one isn’t? Spring link chains shouldn’t really be used on anything above 150cc because they’re not strong enough for the application. Use a soft rivet-type link that can be hammered flat like the original very easily. If you do use a spring link make sure the closed end goes towards the direction of chain travel. Spring link chains aren’t expensive until they come adrift and the flailing chain punches a hole in the engine’s crankcases (read scrap crankcases).