You ask, we answer - Can a hole in my crank case cover be welded?

Posted: 20 Jul 2013


Tom Briggs got in touch with us recently via Facebook with a question about his bike. We asked one of our experts to provide him with some advice.


Can I have a hole in my crank case cover welded? It's a magnesium alloy cover from a DRZ400


Yes, it can but needs to be done by a specialist who is told what material they are dealing with. This enables correct preparation of material/edges to be welded especially if a filler material is required. Any grinding of material should be treated with care because particles can ignite with the heat produced.

The casing needs to be removed from the bike for repair and cleaned before refitting. Magnesium is a strange concoction and suffers from degradation; this is why magnesium products are usually coated.

In racing applications, particularly in stressed areas, for example fork lowers and yokes, key components have a working life of only three years.

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