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Posted: 05 Sep 2013

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We often get questions on our Facebook page  about general biking issues and we do our best to get our experts to answer all of your questions. Here’s a collection of short answers to some recent queries.

Kierran Twinkle Carter asked:  

I got knocked off my bike on Monday and since then the front forks seem to feel more solid than before. They are not bent, so what could be the problem?

Our expert answers:

They might not be bent but a fork tube could have compressed and so now a little oval and trapping the springs. Similarly the fork outer could also be damaged. Are the forks still level in the yokes? Get the front wheel off the ground and remove the front wheel. When you put the wheel back in, does the spindle align with the fork legs and wheel easily. If not, start a proper check of the forks to see if the yokes are bent etc.


Paul Trowbridge asked:

Can I have the rear shocks on my K2 GSX 1400 reconditioned i.e. new seals or are they throw away items if weaping ?

Our expert answers:

Various companies can be found online who can recondition certain makes and types of shocks. A quick call will reveal what’s possible. Most monoshock-type shocks are throwaway items because they use hard-to-locate seals, bushes etc and are not cost effective to break open, that is they are made not to be repaired because it’s cheaper. Your best bet is to buy quality aftermarket shocks to net better damping properties. Search the Suzuki forums and you will probably find that most GSX1400 owners have done this and the replacements are length adjustable to alter the rear ride height and sharpen the Suzuki’s steering.


Matt Symonds asked:
I have a 1200n Bandit and it has started to vibrate after 80mph I have checked and everything is tight and the weights are still stuck to the rims so I’m clueless?

Our expert answers:

Are the wheel weights central on the rim or offset to one side? If they are, were there originally wheel weights on both sides of the rim? Have you lost one weight? Have you checked the wheel bearings run smoothly with the wheels off the floor? Check all the engine mounts are tight or torqued correctly. Is there a loose cable or section of bodywork that only vibrates at speed? Go from front to rear.


Jared Earle asked:

What tyres would be best on a 1997 Ducati 748 for use in Scotland in all but the worst weather?

Our expert answers:

Michelin Pilot Road 3 – I’ve used these up your way without a problem. There are so many tyres available to suit your needs – most tyre manufacturers now have tyre select systems on their websites to tailor your needs. Go check and see what forums are saying are best.

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