Motorbike Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Finding quality motorbike insurance with Bennetts is easy.

We search our panel of insurers to find you our best price for the cover you need.

Finding the best value motorbike insurance with Bennetts is easy. We search within our panel to find you low price quotes on motorcycle, moped and multi bike insurance policies. From 50cc scooters to adventure bikes and cruisers, we search for the best prices from our trusted panel of top insurers, making sure you have the cover you need for you and your bike. Visit our Bike Types and Bike Manufacturers pages for full details of all the motorcycles we can cover.

Why choose Bennetts?

With more than 85 years’ experience in the insurance industry, we’ll search for the lowest quote from our panel of the top insurers.

Bennetts offers:

  • 16 of the most common modifications covered as standard
  • 70% off optional ultimate cover – includes Legal Expenses, RAC Breakdown EU*, Helmet & Leathers and Personal Accident
  • Specialist insurance cover tailored to your needs and budget
  • Five-star product (as rated by Defaqto)
  • UK-based call centre
  • 24/7 quote and buy online
  • Specialist claims team available all day, every day
  • Monthly payment plans to make your life easier (subject to status)
  • 90-day EU cover is included as standard
  • Three levels of optional RAC breakdown cover
  •  Plus, enjoy a range of essential savings for bikers, with Bennetts Rewards

*121cc bikes and under receive RAC Breakdown Plus with a discount of 69%


Motorcycle Insurance FAQ
Yes. To ride your motorcycle on UK roads, you need to be insured. If you're involved in an accident, damage another vehicle or injure someone, having insurance will protect you from liability, and if your bike is stolen or vandalised, insurance can provide compensation. If you don't have motorcycle insurance, you risk a range of penalties such as a £300 fine, six penalty points, or being disqualified from riding your bike altogether.
The cost of motorbike insurance can vary due to several factors. When we calculate the cost of your quote, we're assessing the risk of insuring you as a rider, looking at how likely you are to claim and how expensive it would be to pay out if you did make a claim. We consider your riding history and the size and capacity of your bike, as well as your age and where you live, among other factors. 
Your motorcycle insurance policy will automatically allow you to ride within the European Union and any other country which has agreed to follow the EU Motor Insurance Directive (number 2009/103/EC), for up to 90 days in any period of insurance. If you want to ride abroad for more than 90 days in a year, then give us a call on 0344 412 2171 so we can look to arrange this for you.
Yes. Passengers would be covered while riding on and getting onto and off of your bike and riding in or getting into and out of your sidecar. 
This benefit will be stated on your bike insurance schedule and insurance certificate. Subject to age conditions and occupation and for most types of bikes, your insurance will cover you to ride other bikes. It is best to check this when you take out the policy. 
Yes. You can add another person to your policy as a named rider. As a named rider, they'll enjoy the same level of cover as you on your bike; however, be advised that if they make a claim, your No Claims Discount will be affected.
Yes. We have a list of modifications that Bennetts accept as standard. These include: Disability Adapted, Air Filter Changes, Bar Ends, Braided Hoses, Decals / Stickers (Unless Race Replica), Grippers, Heated Grips, Huggers, Lights / Indicators / Mirrors, Scott Oilers, Screen Changes, Seat Replacement / Changes, Seat Cowl / Single Seat Units, Sissy Bars (Long Backrest), Tail Tidy, and Tank Pads. We can still quote for certain modifications that are not covered as standard, and it is important that you declare all modifications, so they are covered under the policy.
We’ll search for the lowest quote from our panel of the top insurers.. Our panel are all leading insurers and are quality checked by Bennetts.
The type of motorcycle insurance you need depends on the level of cover you want. We offer three levels of insurance: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive insurance.

Find Great Value Motorbike Insurance

Bike insurance specialists

As a specialist motorcycle insurance broker, we compare motorcycle insurance prices from our panel of the UK’s biggest insurance underwriters to get you our best price for the cover you need..

We use trusted names and our mix of insurers has been selected to provide a breadth of experience, bike market knowledge, available products, customer service levels and competitive pricing.

We were the first bike insurance broker to offer a quote and buy online service, so we have all the experience required to make the process as simple as possible.

Get a great value motorbike insurance quote

The cost of motorbike insurance depends on a number of details about your motorcycle and you. A bike with a powerful engine will generally command higher premium. Nevertheless, your motorbike insurance doesn’t need to be expensive as there are other factors that could bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

Keep down the cost of bike insurance cover

You could lower your quote by locking your motorbike and keeping it in a secure garage or locked-up when it is not being used.  Also being accurate with your mileage could help to reduce your premium.

Furthermore, if you are riding safely then you'll be able to make what may have already been a cheaper motorbike insurance policy, even more rewarding. A clean licence and a good riding record could also reduce what you pay in the future.

Find more information on what you can do to get cheaper motorcycle insurance.

Our insurance policy has you covered, whatever your passion

Powered two wheelers come in many guises, but whether you’re an inner city rider or a long-distance commuter, we can make sure you have the right cover to suit your needs.

  • Scooter & Mopeds

    In the current economic climate, scooters and mopeds are becoming even more popular. In fact, these two categories make up almost half of the UK’s riding population! Their reliable qualities and low running costs mean we can find you a great quote that's suited to these smaller capacity bikes.

  • Sports & Superbikes

    At the other end of the spectrum, Superbike riders also remain a significant proportion of the UK’s biking population, as we aspire to develop the riding skills of our racing idols for these high performance machines. Because of this, premiums for this category can sometimes be more expensive.

  • Cruisers

    For those who enjoy long distance riding and choose comfort over aerodynamics, our insurance will be right up your street. If you’ve invested your time and money into one of these top-quality cruising machines, you’ll want to make sure you have a quality insurance policy to match.

  • Classic Bikes

    If you're a true classic bike enthusiast and own a dream bike from a classic era, we have good news for you. Bennetts can provide insurance for classic bikes, that covers a large number of vintage biking brands.

  • Multi Bike Policies

    We can also arrange one policy for up-to four bikes with our multi-bike insurance policy.

  • Additional Cover Options

    Our Legal Expenses Cover can help protect you in the event of an accident that isn't your fault. From just £29.99 per annum, the cover provides up to £100,000 towards redeeming any expenses you incur throughout the claim. We also offer Personal Accident Cover, which could provide a one-off cash payment in the event of a more serious accident, along with our Motorcycle Helmet and Leathers Cover which protects your gear against any damage caused.  You can also choose RAC Breakdown cover to provide roadside rescue when you need it.

  The Additional Cover Options are provided by a number of insurers who all meet our high standards of quality and service.