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Modifications Guide


Getting the correct cover

At Bennetts, it’s our responsibility as a broker to ask the right questions about you and your bike, including any modifications which can enhance performance, value or theft appeal. This enables our panel of insurers to provide you with an accurate quote and ultimately, the best cover for your bike – ensuring no problems occur later if you need to make a claim.

Modifications “accepted as standard”

We understand that specifying every modification (“mods”) can seem a bit much; that’s why we’ve included the most common mods as standard (which you don’t need to tell us about).

At Bennetts we also don’t need to know about like-for-like replacement parts, i.e. changed as a result of wear-and-tear or damage (original equipment manufacturer or similar specification), e.g. we don’t need to know if you change your tyres; so long as they are road legal and are the appropriate size and speed rating.

However you will need to tell us if you modify your bikes specification when you purchase the policy and throughout the policy term, if the specific modification is not on our accepted as standard list.

If any modification you’ve made to the bike is not specified on either our accepted as standard or declared lists  you still need to tell us about it as it could affect your cover. Please select ‘other’ and write a brief description in the box provided during your quote or alternatively call our specialist contact centre for free advice on 0344 412 2171.

Bennetts accept the following modifications as standard – you do not need to tell us about them when you buy a policy, or if you add any of them later:

  • Disability Adapted

  • Air Filter Changes

  • Bar Ends

  • Braided Hoses

  • Decals/Stickers (unless Race Replica)

  • Exhausts - Road-legal silencers and full exhaust systems

  • Grippers

  • Heated Grips

  • Huggers

  • Lights/Indicators/Mirrors

  • Panniers / Top Box Up To £400

  • Scottoilers

  • Screen Changes

  • Seat Replacement

  • Seat Cowl/Single Seat Units

  • Sissy Bars (Long Back Rest)

  • Tail Tidy

  • Tank Pads 

Modifications to declare

If your modification(s) do not appear on the ‘freebie’ list then, via the Bennetts online quote journey, a further three modifications from the non-standard list, categorised for ease, can be included for a quote.  If there are more than three additional modifications then the Bennetts specialist call centre can help.

It is important to declare any modifications not accepted as standard. If you have an accident or the bike is stolen, you need to ensure your modifications are covered under the policy or you could lose out, there is also a potential risk that the claim will be repudiated if non-disclosure is identified.

Making a claim

What’s more, in the event of a claim, Bennetts will not only replace/repair your bike like-for-like, but also all of your standard and declared mods too. Your bike is your pride and joy and your mods make it every bit as unique as you are, so with Bennetts bike insurance cover, you can rest assured you and they are adequately covered.

While many bikers will be well aware of the majority (if not all) of these modifications, we also understand that to some customers it can be a complex area. In the absence of industry-standard definitions we have produced a quick reference guide for our customers, which we hope you find helpful.

This is a quick reference guide and not advice; if you have any doubt then call our free contact centre on 0344 412 2171.