SIDI Vertigo Lei Ladies Boots

Posted: 21 Jul 2013

SIDI Vertigo Lei BootsThe popular choice of footwear for many a motorcyclist, we take a closer look at the Sidi Vertigo Lei Ladies boots.

When I was looking at buying my first pair of motorcycle boots, admittedly there was one name I knew and that was Sidi. Founded in 1960 and currently a market leader, the brand is known to balance tradition and innovation as well as looking good and being comfortable…

Designed to be worn on a sportsbike, the subtle colour scheme of red, black and white, make them suitable to be worn with any coloured leathers. With the recession still lingering its good to know that these are an investment buy that will last and match any leathers you would pair them with.

One thing that I tended to struggle with was ensuring that the boot was tight enough around my calf to feel secure, and not look stupid, but loose enough to ensure I could wear them over my leathers. No problem with these as the rear section of the boot can be adjusted to fit perfectly – simply press the button at the back of the boot and pull out the plastic section, pull out the tab and twist and the panel moves back in and creates a comfortable and close fit.

There are handy sliding vents on the boots which can be opened and closed easily as well as a whole host of technology contained within the boot liner themselves to try and keep your feet from getting too hot. Personally, I still get rather warm feet when I stop at my destination, however the ‘keep cool’ traits of the boot do work when you’re on the bike.

Safety wise, there are a number of features included to make sure that your feet and ankles are safe in case of a fall, including: a shin plate and a transparent shell at the rear of the boot with anti-impact shock absorbers to keep your heel intact.

The rubber sole is claimed to be anti-slip, however there is little grip when walking around – especially in the wet. This brings me to another point… If it rains, your feet will get wet. These boots are most definitely for dry ride outs and/or track days rather than a trip where you might encounter rain.

At approximately £230 to purchase, these are a great buy. I have had mine for around 5 years now and they’re looking a bit tired but are still perfectly fine. Luckily I have never had to use the crash protection on/in them, but with Sidi having such a strong heritage and reputation in protection I feel confident in them.