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Tested: Daytona Road Star GTX boots review

Consumer Editor of Bennetts BikeSocial



Daytona Road Star GTX boots BikeSocial review
Daytona Road Star GTX boots BikeSocial review
Daytona Road Star GTX boots BikeSocial review


Date reviewed: January 2018 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £399.99 |


I’ve been wearing these boots every day in all weather for six months now, from general commuting to longer trips in the UK and beyond…


Construction and features

Daytona boots are hand-made in Germany – these CE-Approved Road Stars have a leather upper, Gore-Tex lining (with a two-year waterproofing warranty), reflective panels on the backs of the heels and gear change panels on both.

The ankles are padded on either side, while the wide shin plate offers good protection. The sole is reinforced with a galvanised steel inlay that you can’t feel, but protects your feet in a crash.




Using two chunky zips with large toggles, the entire front of the boot opens forwards, making it very easy to slip your foot in. Two Velcro tabs then close over the tops of the zips when they’re ‘parked’ with the boot fastened.




The Road Stars are available in both normal and wide fittings, as well as half sizes – I usually find my bike boots are a little loose, particularly after a few months of wear, but these were a perfect fit from the first moment I tried them, and still are.

The calf area is adjustable through a wide range thanks to the Velcro panel, so should be able to accommodate most riders.

The lining is extremely comfortable, as is the innersole, while the top edges are covered with a soft material that doesn’t rub your skin if wearing shorter socks.

While these are all-season boots with no outer vents, the perforations inside help to keep them comfortable in the warmer weather. I’ve not worn them in extreme heat, but they’re excellent all-rounders.




While very supportive, the polyurethane sole is extremely comfortable, making it easy to walk around off the bike. There’s also a good degree of grip, and they’re wearing well – I have a slightly awkward gait, so tend to wear the sides down relatively quickly.




Despite riding in some truly awful weather, the Daytona Road Stars haven’t let in even a hint of moisture – the Gore-Tex lining is very effective, and the design of the boot means there’s nowhere for water to drive in, especially with your trousers over the top.



The boots weigh 2056g for the pair, which is of course heavier than some race boots, but is pretty average across the board, and good for something offering protection and full waterproofing – you certainly don’t feel as if you’re clumping around in anything bulky.



We tend to avoid judging products on their price at BikeSocial, but there’s no denying that these are at the upper end of the scale. However, they are very well made, extremely comfortable, and have the advantage of being repairable, should the need arise.

A very high quality boot that gives excellent levels of protection and comfort…


Did you know…

Try squashing the sole of your boots by squeezing the sides of it – if you can do it, imagine what would happen to your feet in an accident, should the bike land on top of them. These Daytonas easily allow me to stand on the edge of the sole when they’re laid on their side – a good sign that they’re extremely well made and much safer than some others I’ve tried.


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