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Tested: Pewag VKK 10x35 Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock review

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Pewag VKK 10x35 and Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock
Pewag VKK 10x35 and Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock chain links
Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock
Pewag VKK 10x35 and Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock key hole
Pewag VKK 10x35 and Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock key


Date reviewed: July 2017 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £143.14 | Weight: 4.51kg |



Available in a wide range of sizes from 1 to 5 meters in 0.5m increments, we’ve tested the 1.5m Pewag VKK 10x35 chain from Brindley, which comes with a tough yet soft sleeve, riveted at either end. This style of sleeve does hold moisture a little if used in the rain, so you might want a carrier bag if taking the lock home in your luggage. All the links are the same size, and can’t be inserted into others.

The padlock is a Mul-T-Lock NE14L Grade 6, which comes with two keys, has a slim rubber bumber to help protect your paintwork, and an integral gate to keep grit and rain out of the keyway.


Pewag VKK 10x35 and Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock size comparison


Size and weight

Covering a diameter of just 20cm when coiled up, out test chain weighed 4.51kg in total – 3.5kg for the chain (that’s 2.93kg/m) and 0.93kg for the padlock.


Resistance to attack: chain

We broke the chain with 42” bolt croppers in 2 minutes 20 seconds. Using an anvil, and with plenty of space, the noisy sledge hammer attack saw the chain break in 19 seconds.

Using an angle grinder, we were able to get through the square links – which are between 9.6 and 10.0mm thick – in a fairly average time.


Resistance to attack: padlock

With an anvil and lots of room to swing, the sledge hammer attack resulted only in the lock deforming and cracking slightly – a very solid piece of kit.

We cut the shackle, which is 13.8mm thick, but it took longer than the chain.

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Product: Pewag VKK 10x35 and Mul-T-Lock NE14L padlock

Size tested: 1.5m

Weight as tested: 4.51kg

Rolled diameter: 20cm

Bolt cropper attack: AVERAGE

Sledge hammer attack: POOR

Angle grinder attack: AVERAGE



Keep the chain and lock off the ground – an important point on all security – and the relatively small, light Pewag VKK 10x35 offers reasonable protection. If you need high security for a quiet area, then you’d be well advised to go for something larger, but as a portable chain and lock it’s a useful deterrent to the less determined thief.

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