Tested: Oxford Hardcore XL chain and padlock review


Date reviewed: July 2017 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £99.99 | Weight: 5.1kg | www.oxfordproducts.com


The Oxford Hardcore XL is a Thatcham Category 3 motorcycle security chain and padlock combination, available in 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0 meter lengths; we’ve tested the 1.5m version. The chain’s protected by a soft yet tough fabric sleeve that’s riveted at either end to prevent it sliding off. The sleeve isn’t waterproof – it tends to absorb moisture – so if carrying in your luggage after a wet day, it’s worth keeping a carrier bag handy.

The padlock is covered with a plastic body to protect your bike’s paint, and there’s a sliding cover over the keyway to help prevent dirt and water ingress. Three keys are supplied.

The chain has a longer link at one end, so the other end can be passed through and secured in the padlock.


Oxford Hardcore XL chain and padlock size comparison


Size and weight

As tested, the complete 1.5m chain and padlock weighs 5.1kg; the chain is 4.54kg and the padlock is 0.60kg. The chain’s weight per meter is 3.02kg.

The design of the chain allows it to be rolled up reasonably tightly, to a diameter of about 24cm.


Resistance to attack: chain

We were unable to cut the chain using 42” bolt-croppers. Using a sledge-hammer in ideal conditions – on an anvil with plenty of room to swing – the chain link’s weld cracked in 10 seconds, and the entire link was broken after 30 seconds.

Using the 115mm mains-powered angle-grinder, we were able to cut through the chain in an average time.

The chain uses square links with a typical thickness measured to be 10.5-11.4mm.


Resistance to attack: padlock

When attacking the padlock with the sledge-hammer, we were unable to break it more quickly than the chain. While the plastic cover shattered immediately of course, the body of the lock stood up well, deforming rather than cracking.

We were able to angle-grind the shackle, but as expected, the chain is the more likely point of attack for a thief.

The shackle thickness is measured at 10.7mm

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Product: Oxford Hardcore XL chain and padlock

Size tested: 1.5m

Weight as tested: 5.1kg

Rolled diameter: 24cm

Bolt cropper attack: Unbroken – GOOD

Sledge hammer attack: 30 seconds – POOR

Angle grinder attack: 14 seconds – AVERAGE



The Oxford Hardcore XL offers a reasonable level of security, especially if it’s kept off the ground and out of reach of a sledge hammer attack. The padlock is well matched to the chain, and while – like any chain – it’s vulnerable to angle-grinder attack, its size and design create a reasonable deterrent.

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