Tested: Milenco Coleraine 12mm chain lock review


Date reviewed: August 2020 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £66.66 | Weight: 4.96kg | www.milenco.com


The Milenco Coleraine 12mm chain lock is rated as Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold, with an integral lock body that makes for a compact, fairly affordable solution to locking your bike when out and about. While it’s not as portable as lighter-weight locks, the thicker chain makes it harder to attack.

While a relatively new name to the motorcycle security market, Milenco is a well-established engineering company that’s been producing chains and locks for some respected big brands for a long time.

This will fit easily in most luggage or under a scooter seat, or on a motorcycle with no storage space by using the optional £13.33 Milenco chain lock bag. As with any lock, it’s not advisable to carry it in your rucksack unless you’re wearing a back protector, and at close to 5kg for this 1.4m chain and lock, you’d certainly know it was there.

The chain is covered with a tough fabric sleeve that’s retained by the lock body at one end and a rivet at the other to protect your bike’s paintwork. The lock has a plastic cover and comes with three high-quality stainless-steel keys (duplicates of which can be made by Milenco) that are unlikely to deform like some cheaper brand’s disc-detainer keys.

The keyway in the lock body is not protected from the elements like some of Milenco’s other locks – something to consider if you use this outside in the rain.


For and against
  • Reasonable price (and check stores for discounting)
  • Fairly portable
  • A good size to deter thieves
  • No weather protection for the keyway
  • Getting towards the limits of portability
  • Can’t double as a standalone disc lock


Size and weight

The Coleraine 12mm chain lock has square links with a typical thickness of 10.9 to 12.0mm. Rolled up, it covers a diameter of about 28cm.

Our 1.4m test sample weighed 4.96kg, but it’s also available in 1m and 1.8m lengths.


Full destruction test review of the Milenco Coleraine 12mm chain lock – is this portable, tough security option worth buying?


Resistance to attack: chain

Properly hardened 12mm chains tend to be at the limit of what can be cut with 42” bolt croppers, and even bouncing my 13 stone on the end of the tool, I was unable to do anything more than put a mark in the surface of this chain; impressive.

A sledge-hammer attack is always unlikely given the noise it makes and the need for plenty of space, but even under ideal conditions I was only able to crack the weld on the link I was striking; clearly there’s a good balance of case- and through-hardening in this chain.

Cutting with an angle grinder took as long as I’d expect of a chain of this thickness – while it can be done with a battery-powered grinder, it will draw a lot of attention and our data proves that using any security on your bike will make it far less likely to be stolen.

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Resistance to attack: lock

The lock body is far less vulnerable to attack than the chain, showing only surface damage and some deformation after a sledge-hammer attack. Bolt croppers won’t touch it, and it takes far longer to defeat with an angle grinder than the chain.

Picking will be achieved using specialist tools and plenty of skill, but it’s irrelevant in real motorcycle theft.

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Bennetts BikeSocial test results

Product: Milenco Coleraine 12mm chain lock

Size tested: 1.4m

Weight as tested: 4.96kg

Rolled diameter: 28cm

Bolt cropper attack: GOOD

Sledge hammer attack: GOOD

Angle grinder attack: POOR


Milenco Coleraine 12mm chain lock review: Verdict

At just under 5kg, I’d still consider the 12mm Coleraine to be a portable security option. It’s great to see good hardening leading to failed bolt cropper and sledge-hammer attacks, leaving only the angle grinder, which pretty much comes down to the thickness of the metal in the links; although just nudging into the poor rating here, the time taken was as expected for a chain of this size.

While this is a little lightweight to be the best option for home security, I’d certainly have no qualms in securing my motorcycle with this when out and about, and at the price it's a bargain. Definitely recommended.

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