Tested: Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review


Date reviewed: January 2021 | Bennetts Rewards member Mark Hardy | Price: £46.66 | www.milenco.com


The Milenco Dundrod ground anchor is a simple yet effective device for securing your motorcycle – with a chain – to a wall, or ideally a solid concrete floor.

We gave one to Bennetts Rewards member Mark Hardy to fit to his garage…


For and against
  • Simple design
  • Fairly easy to fit
  • Will accept up to two 16mm long-link chains
  • It’s not the toughest out there, but it’s harder to defeat than all but the thickest chains
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Features and capacity

The Milenco Dunrod ground anchor is a simple design that makes the best use of its height, being a single layer of 8mm-thick steel.

Rated as Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold, this has a good security rating; in Sold Secure’s testing, Motorcycle Diamond is the highest as it includes an angle-grinder attack, while Ground Anchor Diamond is the toughest test carried out by the internationally-recognised testing house.

Mark is using the anchor with a 16mm Pragmasis chain, along with another, lighter one, but you can just about get two of these long-link 16mm chains though, if you thread them in at the same time.

A 22mm chain will fit into this ground anchor.


Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_09

As the floor’s carpeted, Mark cut a section out before marking up for the anchor’s holes



The Dundrod comes complete with four M10 expanding bolts, two-part epoxy adhesive, an Allen key to secure the bolts and four ball bearings to drive into the bolt heads in order to prevent them being removed.


Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_10

“There’s no drill bit supplied,” Mark told me, “but I had a 16mm, which is what’s required. The problem was that my drill just couldn’t get through the concrete floor in my garage.”


Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_11

“I had to borrow a mate’s SDS impact drill and 16mm bit, but that made light work of it, chewing through the floor very quickly.”


Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_13

“Getting the holes in the right place is really important, and I was off slightly on one of them but not to the point that I couldn’t get the bolts through the anchor.”


“Once I’d blown the dust out of the holes and got the expanding sections of the bolts in, I mixed up the epoxy with the supplied stick then smeared it onto the threads.”


Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_16

“The ground anchor secured down well, and with the ball bearings hammered into the heads of the bolts, this is in to stay.”


The problem Mark had with drilling the floor isn’t unusual, so while you might get away with a standard drill in some cases, be prepared to borrow or hire a larger impact drill if the hammer function of your own kit won’t cut it.

This could be fitted to a wall, but stay away from edges and make sure it’s a good, solid construction.


Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_17


Ease of use

Mark tucked his anchor out of the way, where reaching it would be hard for any attacker – this is important as the more difficult it is to reach, the less chance there is of it being attacked.

Getting even a 22mm chain under this is fairly easy as the clearance is good.

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The hammer attack failed to defeat the Milenco Dundrod ground anchor


Resistance to attack

In my testing, the Milenco coped well with attacks – while I was able to bend and distort it with repeated blows from a sledge hammer, and it did crack underneath, it refused to give, the malleability providing effective resistance.

It gave very good resistance to angle-grinder attack, but just be aware that, while it will accept a 22mm chain, the anchor can be cut slightly more quickly than a good chain of that thickness. If you’re using security that hefty, I’d recommend a Sold Secure Ground Anchor Diamond-rated device.

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Milenco Dundrod ground anchor review_07

Resistance to angle-grinder attack was good, exceeding the time taken to cut all but the thickest of chains


Milenco Dunrod ground anchor review: Verdict

The Milenco Dundrod is a simple design, but during Bennetts BikeSocial’s testing it proved itself to be very resistant to attack, and harder to defeat than all but the thickest chains.

Mark’s more than happy: “Having a ground anchor was really important to me as I wanted to make sure my bike was properly secured… thanks to Bennetts Rewards I sleep a lot easier at night.”

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