Schuberth SR2 Helmet Review

SCHUBERTH SR2 Racing motorcycle helmet  

For sporty riders and racers. I have been testing the new Schuberth SR2 race helmet. I have ridden at least 2000 miles in the helmet in varying conditions. I have never been tempted to stray from Arai as they fit me so well. When you are spending £500 plus for a helmet there is little room for experimentation. The SR2 does all the Arai does with a couple of extra features.

The SR2 replaces the SR1 and has a number of new features and upgrades. The SR2 is the latest race helmet – hence the aggressive, distinctive styling and graphics. This Helmet delivers class-leading performance.

Schuberth have two versions of this profile, the SR2 for optimal performance I the tuck position and aimed at sporty track day riders and racers. The S2 is aimed at riders that prefer a slightly more upright position and comes equipped with a built in Bluetooth antenna. 

The SR2 has an updated easily removable Coolmax interior, revised venting system, a Strong Fibre shell in 3 sizes, a redesigned tear-off equipped 2D Pinlock face shield, push button shield removal system and a longer EPS liner that helps prevent roll-offs. 

Developed using Schuberth's in-house wind tunnel testing facility, the SR2 has a completely redesigned shell shape to maximize stability at speed and a venting system capable of moving 10 litres of air through the chin vent alone. Built for the racers and track rats of the world, the SR2 delivers unrivalled performance during extreme riding conditions.

An improved single piece spoiler ensures that the head stays calm in the wind especially at higher speeds. - Moving my head from side to side at speed I felt no drag or buffeting at all. There was no discernible lift either.

The helmet has a low profile top edge which further reduces drag and wind noise.

A completely revised race visor:  The new visor of the SR2 is a 2D racing visor, just like in Formula 1. Improved for the use of tear offs. The new larger anti-mist screen is responsible for keeping the mist at bay. Furthermore, it allows in racing situations a clear view. The visor is an optical class 1 lens which gives your crystal clear vision no matter what type of road is in front of you.

The visor has finger tabs on both sides. This makes it possible to operate the visor with either the right or the left hand. The visor opening mechanism is very simple to operate using one finger and wearing gloves. It is really easy to change. (SR2 visors are not available yet, but soon will be. In the meantime, if you can’t wait the 3D SR1 visor will fit but the seal is not perfect)

The visor has little notches to decrease drag. I tested visors with and without the Vortex generators and according to wind tunnel data, they may make some difference but on the road, I didn’t notice whether they were doing anything but they do look cool, which is important, right? Vision above the eye line is great, you can see further ahead without giving yourself neck strain keeping your head up when tucked in. It feels like the helmet is fitted with a skylight. I have only tested two helmets that offer this level of forward vision to date. 

Comfort – I found this helmet to fit my head shape perfectly, I have always worn Arai as they fit my shape well. The SR2 fits my shape well too. The interior has well placed modular pads and it felt super snug straight out of the box. I found the front edge on my forehead a bit tight but that wore off after I wore it a few times. The distributor offers a full fitting service if you have any problem with getting the fit just right. The fit feels safe and secure and there was no movement at speed. The aim of the SR2 is that it conforms to the shape of your head.

The fully removable Coolmax interiors will help keeping it box-fresh (with the occasional wash), while the different size interior thicknesses are available should you need a custom fit. The fabric is a quick drying

The SR2 fitted with the Emergency Quick Release System. - useful for allowing emergency services remove the cheek pads to examine without causing further injury. Schuberth also have a system that ensures the helmet stays on your head in case of an accident.

Ventilation - A new breath deflector is integrated into the new SR2 ventilation system. Increased amounts of fresh air and an improved concept for the removal of exhaled air make for the best possible circulation. The higher ventilation means that there is more wind noise than that generated by a touring helmet. If you are used to race helmets then you will feel at home with the airflow, if race helmets are new to you then you may initially feel overwhelmed by the amount of flow on offer. The vents on the top and front of the helmet are large and easy to use with gloves.

The SR2 has a Double D-Lock: Due to its simplicity, reliability and safety, the double D-lock is the lock used and stipulated in racing. The double D-lock easy and precise adjustment of the chin strap and it stays reliably in place.

The SR2 looks and feels like a quality product. The graphics are simple and tasteful. The helmet fits well and is really comfortable offering uber forward and peripheral vision.

1300g +- 50g

RRP £599.99

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