Rizoma Mirrors

If you’ve seen the Bennetts Yamaha R1 recently, you’ll have seen that it’s been given a bit of a fresh new look thanks to some trick parts from those Italian accessory maestros at Rizoma.

Rizoma Mirrors get reviewed

Among the parts we’ve fitted are these, the rather tidy Veloce mirrors, which retail at a not insignificant £127 each (and, as you know, you’ll need two of them). That’s a lot of money for a pair of mirrors, but no one can deny that they look absolutely awesome and set of the Altamura carbon fibre bodywork perfectly.

As you would expect, the replacement mirrors are a cinch to fit, although you do need to specify the correct fitments at the time of ordering . The mirror itself is machined from billet aluminium and is a true work of art. Having seen the work and loving attention that goes into them first hand, it’s easier to understand where that price tag comes from. This stuff truly is the Rolex of motorcycle accessories.

We chose the version with the silver aluminium finish, although a more discrete all black option is also available. For bikes which come with indicators faired into the mirrors as standard (such as the Ducati Panigale and Kawasaki ZX-10R) the Veloce L is available complete with integrated indicators.

Rizoma Mirror kindly modelled by the Bennetts R1

The quality is there and (price aside) its more or less all good. The convex and glare resistant glass provides a decent view of the scenery behind, which can often be a problem when fitting aftermarket parts, which often prioritised form over function.

That said, I would not say that the view from the Rizoma mirrors are significantly better or worse than the OE items that R1 wears when it rolls out of Iwata. Mirrors are a personal thing anyway, and I have yet to find a sportsbike that gives great rear view anyway, even for a relatively short chap like me.

These Rizoma jobbies are exquisite and if you are looking to make a really special special, or replace some damaged items on your sportsbike, you could do far worse than to snag yourself a pair of these.

For further information, visit www.rizoma.com