Rizoma engine and fairing crash protection for Triumph Tiger 800

Rizoma's crash protection for the Triumph Tiger 800 enhances the looks of the adventure bike.Rizoma engine and fairing crash protection for Triumph Tiger 800

Of course none of us want to crash, but if the inevitable happens it’s good to know your bike is protected with some crash protection in the event of a little tumble.

I looked at buying standard Triumph engine guards for my Triumph Tiger 800, but they were quite industrial looking and I wanted something that would protect my bike, but also look good, so I opted for the Rizoma ones instead.

Yes, at £229.57 (299 Euros) for a pair of B-PRO fairing and engine guards, and £139.41 (199 Euros) for the engine guard, they are expensive, but we’re talking about beautifully-crafted work here.
Rizoma kit was relatively easy to fit and gets the mix right between style and function.
The Rizoma right-hand side engine guard is a lovely piece of engineering and looks awesome. It’s made from billet aluminium but features a hard slider made from Delrin. It was very easy to fit with all bolts and fitting instructions and took just 10 minutes to get on.
The Rizoma kit even comes stamped with 800 to match the bike.The milled aluminium radiator guards look fantastic and are also nicely made. When fitted they look the part, taking some 50 minutes to fit. That’s a while to fit but it’s mainly because I could not easily get to one of the bolts on the right side of the bike. I managed to do it eventually without taking the radiator off.
Like so many things when it comes to spanners and bikes, you know the story, you've never got the right tool for the job!

Note that you also need the Haynes manual to get the correct torque settings.

On-the-bike the Rizoma kit looks great to me and am well chuffed the way they compliment the bike's styling.

It is difficult to compare prices as all the others are made from black metal, rather than billet aluminium, but the quality from Rizoma is superb. For more information and to find UK suppliers go to Rizoma.

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