Oxford luggage

Author: Iggy Grainger Posted: 30 Dec 2013

Oxford luggage

A decent capacity waterproof bag is a must if you’re going away for the weekend by bike/scooter.

Oxford Products have recently introduced some new luggage to their Aqua range. There’s a 30 litre Aqua 30 (£49.99) and a 50 litre Aqua 50 (£59.99) plus a 25 litre backpack, Aqua 25R (£49.99). The bags are made from tough and waterproof TPU, have roll top closure buckles and compression straps. There’s also a front zip pocket, carrying handles and a shoulder strap.

They come in white or fluoro and have reflective detailing to help with visibility while on the bike. They can be attached to the bike quite easily using the integral Velcro straps and double D-rings.

You can fit a fair amount of gear in the Aqua 50, I can get a couple of sleeping bags in there and a few clothes – although getting the right amount of stuff in there is important if you want the bag to look good on the bike and for the roll top to close securely. So far the bag has kept my stuff dry, so no complaints there.

Contact: www.oxprod.com

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