Tested Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review


Date reviewed: July 2019 | Tested by: Jon Mansfield, BikeSocial Test Team| Price: £119.99 | www.nevis.uk.com


As a motorcycle instructor at 1on1 Rider Training in Bedfordshire, I wear my bike kit all day, every day – if I’m not riding, I’m walking around in it. I’ve been using the Richa Arctic waterproof winter gloves in all weathers for 3,000 miles on my own Kawasaki ZZR1100, as well as our company’s ER6s, Yamaha MT-07s and XJ6s.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review


Fit and feel

With a Gore-Tex waterproof liner making these a more expensive option than Richa’s Arctic WP gloves, the GTXs are a leather and fabric mix designed for serious winter use.

I typically take a size XL glove, and these fit exactly as I’d expect. Feel is, unsurprisingly, quite limited; thanks to the thermal liner it’s tricky to find the microphone button on my radio, but at least I can still feel my hands in the cold.

Overall these are very comfortable gloves.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review


Warm and cold weather use

The Richa Arctic GTXs really are warm – once the temperature lifts they’re too hot to wear, but in the winter? Great. I’d say they’re around a one and a half season glove, maybe two seasons if the spring or autumn is particularly chilly.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review

The number ‘1’ means these gloves meet Level 1 of EN13594:2015 (the CE approval for bike gloves), with the KP means they have knuckle protection.


Protection and certification

These EN13594:2015 CE-approved gloves meet Level 1 and have hard knuckle protection with small, rigid finger pads. There’s extra leather on the palms, though the padding on the sides of the cuffs is only foam, not a more dense armour like D3O.

There’s a slider pad on the lower inside section of each palm, which should help to reduce grabbing in the event of a slide – some gloves use harder sliders here to reduce the risk of breaking your scaphoid.

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the law, click here.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review



The wrist strap is easy to use and once fastened, the gloves won’t come off. It’s also flared at the end, so it won’t pull out of the buckle – something I find particularly annoying on other gloves.

The cuff strap has plenty of length to wrap easily around the gloves when I’m wearing them over my jacket sleeve, which is what I normally do. However, many riders like to tuck their gloves under the sleeve (it helps prevent water running down the arm and into the gloves when riding) – when tightening directly to the bare arm, the Velcro isn’t large enough to hold the cuff strap down; something of an oversite on winter gloves.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review


Wet weather use

In typical rainy conditions the Richa Arctic GTXs are fine, but over a 90minute ride in absolutely driving rain, they got completely soaked and did let some water in at the finger tips.

I find this an issue on most gloves I wear, and those I’ve had that seemed to work well let go eventually. After that really bad ride, the Richa’s were still damp in the ends of the fingers the next morning, but not sodden.

It’s disappointing that there’s no rubber visor wipe built into the fingers besides a suede patch, which I find just gets the visor even wetter.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review



The lining is very comfortable and of course warm. I’m always careful removing any gloves, holding them by the finger tips as I draw my hand out to avoid the lining pulling away. As such, the Richas are holding together fine.


Tested: Richa Arctic waterproof winter motorcycle glove review



The Richa Arctic gloves are really warm, they’re waterproof enough and a great fit; they’re worth a look if you’re commuting every day in the winter, but it’s a shame there’s no visor wipe and be sure to check how you wear the cuffs with your jacket…


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