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Date reviewed: September 2017 | Tested by: Chris LS | Price: Around £1300 | www.toroadventure.com


A new range of tours from Spanish off-road riding experts Toro Trail, the Toro Adventure holidays give riders fully-equipped BMW R1200GS Rallyes to explore Spain, Portugal and even Morocco.

The tours offer whatever mix of road and off-road riding you prefer, with mapped routes providing some of Europe’s best roads, along with awesome mountain tracks for the most adventurous riders. Riding kit, touring luggage and sat-navs are all available with the bikes, so you’ll just need to bring your everyday kit – shorts and suncream.

Trips can be fully guided, with riding advice on offer, or you can follow the GPS routes yourself. Options include all-inclusive ‘Stress Buster’ tours – just get yourself to Malaga, and Toro Adventure will pick you up from the airport and take you straight to your bike, with your choice of route pre-programmed into the sat-nav and your accommodation already booked.



Chris from Hereford owns a 2013 Ducati Multistrada GT, 1952 Vincent Comet and a 1954 Sunbeam S7. He rides for pleasure, also coaching other riders for their IAM advanced riding test, as a National Observer.

Chris has been riding for 17 years, and heard about Toro Adventures when looking online for a new experience: “It sounded well organised,” he says. “I went on a ‘Stress Buster’ tour at the end of September 2017 for five days of riding, the whole trip costing about £1300, including last-minute flights and meals.

“I stayed in a range of private and smaller hotels as I prefer to keep away from chains; Toro Adventure chose well for me. I tackled roads with a bit of trail, adding a few extra hours to the expected three to four hours that were preset in the sat-nav. I didn’t find it tiring as the bike was very comfortable… I did sleep well though!

“I was riding alone, but the welcome from Toro Adventure, and the departure, were both very relaxed, on time and extremely friendly. Everything working as it should – I’d visit again, though I think that three days would be sufficient for the area. If I was going for longer, I’d push out further towards other big cities.

“I’d recommend the trip to someone needing a mental break, or who’s too pressed for time to do all the research themselves. Even if you did try to plan it yourself, you’d be hard pressed to find the roads identified Toro.”


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