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Tested: Falco Mixto 2 adventure motorcycle boots review

By BikeSocial Member

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Tested: Falco Mixto 2 adventure motorcycle boots review
Falco Mixto 2 adventure motorcycle boots BikeSocial review
Falco Mixto 2 adventure motorcycle boots BikeSocial review


Date reviewed: January 2018 | Tested by: Roger Carlisle | Price: £219.99 |


As a Triumph Tiger 1050 owner, I regularly tour around the UK and into Europe. I’ve been using these Falco boots for seven months now, after replacing my old pair of Helds…


Construction and features

These CE-approved Italian boots are very well made, using full-grain leather for the upper, with D3O protection in the ankle, and a moulded polyurethane shin plate.




The sides of the boots are secured with Velcro, before two solid lever-clasps lock them down. Like ski and motocross boots, these have a ratchet that allows them to be set to suit your feet. The plastic clasps are thin but have proven very strong, showing no signs of wear or damage. I prefer to have my textiles over my boots, and once shut the clasps don’t snag or interfere with the trouser leg. If you want to tuck your jeans inside, there’s plenty of room.




New boots often take some wearing in – I’m usually a size 45 and these fit me perfectly – but there is a soft padded rim around the top of the boot that I found rubbed the backs of my calf at first when walking around. Fortunately, this eased after several rides and is no longer a problem.

Despite their security, the Falcos are very comfortable to walk in, and feel really solid on the bike, allowing me to stand on the foot pegs without any discomfort, yet also feel great over long distances. They’ve not got the feel of a sports boot, but that’s not what they’re designed for.

Being much chunkier than my previous boots, I did find that I had to consciously point my toes down when changing gear – due to the extra height of the sole – but this was more about me getting used to a heavier-duty boot.

During the cold weather I’ve been very comfortable, though when it’s hotter, my feet can get hot making socks sweaty sometimes during long rides; it’s difficult to add vents without compromising the waterproof abilities.




The Vibram soles feel very solid, and have a deep tread. They’re yet to show any significant signs of wear, and have plenty of flex when walking.




The Mixto 2s have stayed totally dry, thanks to the waterproof lining and the sealed internal tongue.



The pair of boots weigh 2228g, which is not too heavy for a design of this type, and compares to 2056g for the Daytona Road Star GTXs.



These Falcos are comfortable, easy to get on and off, and have a craftsman-quality feel. I’m impressed, and would happily recommend them.


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