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Tested: Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex motorcycle boots review

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Date reviewed: November 2020| Tested by: Dave Yorke | Price: £334.99 |


I’ve been wearing the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex motorcycle boots on review here over the spring, summer and autumn of 2020 on day rides of up to 300 miles – both on- and off-road – on my Africa Twin…


  • Very comfortable from the outset

  • Thoroughly waterproof

  • Excellent balance of protection and movement

  • A sizeable investment


Construction and features

There’s a mixture of micro fibre and suede leather for the upper of these boots, which also feature a Gore-Tex waterproof lining, non-slip rubber sole, cam locking system, ankle protection, flex panels and reflective inserts.

The inside faces of the boots are relatively grippy, but there’s also nothing there that should wear or damage the bike, even when standing up.

Being adventure boots, they offer a lot of support and protection, but aren’t as cumbersome or difficult to move in as dedicated off-road or MX boots, which tend to be a lot stiffer and far less suited to long-days in the saddle.




Two cam-locks provide the lower and mid-level fastening, while a wrap-around panel backed with extremely strong hook-and-loop takes care of the top of the boot.

The cam-lock buckles are a mixture of aluminium and plastic, and while I’ve not tested how well they crash (phew), they are extremely tough. Just below the bottom cam there’s also a hard plastic deflector to offer some additional protection to the assembly in the event of a slide. This will also spread the load transferred to your foot if you were to be caught under the bike.

There’s 9cm of adjustment in the straps, so these boots should fit most people, and the cams and buckles are replaceable by means of a Philips screw should they get damaged.



Protection and certification

The boots are fully compliant with EN 138634:2017; they’ve got TPU protection in front of the shin, around the heel and along the side of the foot, along with a flex panel that protects the ankle and Achilles area.

The shin plate is made of polyurethane, and there’s a shock-resistant heel cup, plus it’s good to find reflective panels on the rear, just above the heel.

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the law, click here.




Straight out of the box, I took the Sidi Adventure 2 boots on a 160-mile breakfast run. They were stiff, but the flex panels at the heels are very effective, allowing the foot to move up and down, without giving it too much freedom to twist should the worst happen. That meant there were no missed gear changes on the Africa Twin, the fairly low height of the upper enabling me to get my foot under the gear lever without fuss.

There’s plenty of support – as you’d expect from a boot like this – but there’s even a place for the microfibre to bend in the front panel, making the boot very easy to break in.

A small point maybe, but it’s also great to find a big loop on the back of the boots to make it easier to pull them on.



Sole and grip

The sole is bonded to the upper, is non-slip and has a good depth to the tread, but not so much as to make the Adventure 2 look too chunky. Riding the trail around Claerwen Reservoir in Wale’s Elan Valley the Sidis felt secure on the bike, as well as when walking on the rocky 12-mile track.

The sole is quite soft and rubbery, which is good for grip, and while they’re not showing any expected signs of wear so far, I will of course update this review if they start to degrade quicker than I’d hope.




The Gore-Tex lining runs up about three quarters of the full height of the Sidis, and, as you’d expect of a top-of-the-range boot, the waterproofing has been faultless. I wore my trousers over the top of the Adventure 2s and the water didn’t have a chance of getting in.



Weighing 1,285g each on my scales, that’s in the ballpark for this type of boot, and they certainly didn’t feel particularly heavy in use.



Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex motorcycle boots review: Verdict

Comfortable, grippy with lots of protection and great waterproofing makes for a superb adventure boot. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by these, and while they’re certainly not cheap, I have no problem recommending them to riders who like to venture onto the loose stuff every now and again. As well as those who don’t.