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Dave Yorke

Freelance journalist

Bike Social contributor and video presenter who swapped police helicopters for something a little more exciting and landed on a police bike.

On a police bike he was a VIPEX rider in Merseyside, working alongside the Special Escort Group in London and has shown a couple of Prime Ministers and most of the Royal family around town .

Not keen on bike thieves, he’s helped police forces across the UK and beyond to take the bike theft fight right to the doors of thieves, addressing the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators conference along the way.

Enabling test rides for some of the biggest manufacturers, if you’ve taken a test ride at Motorcycle Live you’ve probably met him. He’s been riding since he was a teenager, starting on a 50cc Puch and working his way through most things from sports bike to supermoto’s. He currently rides an Africa Twin and he’s happiest when he’s out