Lewis Leathers – Corsair Jacket

Posted: 26 May 2013

Lewis Leathers, Corsair

Leather jackets – in all their different incarnations – are so diverse and varied in style and quality that the market is awash with everything from topline flight jackets made of the finest hide for military aviators, to 'Del Boy' replica Brando biker jackets made from mouse skin.

Fashions come and go, but some styles endure: and some brand names live forever, becoming almost iconic. Who doesn't know of the classic Irvin flying jacket or the American A2 flight jacket? Much copied everywhere from Somalia to someone’s shed in Scunthorpe, but only reproduced 'properly' by two or three makers. Most efforts miss the mark and are, quite frankly, rubbish.

It's the same for the leather bike jackets. But one name has endured…

With origins stretching back to 1892, Lewis Leathers has a proud heritage of producing protective clothing for gentlemen engaged in motoring (and later flying). It's a measure of the esteem in which a brand is held when its products of yesteryear have a thriving secondary market, with collectors paying very high prices for them.

Fortunately, the current range of jackets is still unsurpassed for quality and in their turn, these will become the sought after jackets of tomorrow.

Having recently had the stylish Corsair jacket examined by the experts at Walsall's National Leather Museum, it was found to be made of the best chrome and cow leather that should last a lifetime. Beautifully constructed and with absolute attention to cut and detailing, the Corsair is one of many styles from Lewis Leathers.

Used as the jacket for Luftwaffe pilots in that classic 1969 film, The Battle of Britain, it is not only tough for rough service but looks good in your ME109 or on your bike. It's also suitable to wear casually as a 'man about town'.

The red sail cloth lining contrasts well with the black leather and will not only last forever but looks super smart too. And talking of appearances, the elegant one-piece back panel gives a classy style that is most appealing.

Good things, of course, don't come cheap and the Corsair jacket at £625 is no exception! It's best to view it for what it really is – just about the best quality leather jacket you can buy – and one that is sure to be a wise investment. Just as Patek Philippe tell you about their watches, the same holds good for Lewis Leathers.

Visit the website at: www.lewisleathers.com