Harley-Davidson FXRG Jacket

Posted: 10 Jul 2013

Considered by Harley-Davidson as the creme de la creme of its riding gear, we had to check out the FXRG Jacket.

The main thing I love about this jacket is its comfort and fit. With many jackets the fit can make you either look like an American football player or be so tight that you can’t sit on the bike comfortably. It features an action back which enables you to stretch your arms to the bars of any bike you’re riding and while the CE-approved armour makes you feel safe, it doesn’t make you feel like the Michelin Man!

Predominantly black and grey with 3M Scotchlite piping makes the jacket subtle but stylish and the reflective tape ensures no one can say they didn’t see you! Unlike some Harley-Davidson items, there’s limited branding on this jacket with just a badge on the left lapel and embroidered writing on the back.

Not only does this jacket look good but it is jam-packed with more technology than you can shake a stick at. It contains Cocona technology, derived from extreme sports like mountaineering and uses coconut shells and minerals…yes coconut shells…for moisture wicking to make sure you’re kept dry. Those interested in stats will be pleased to hear that manufacturers say that the tech removes moisture 50-250% faster than normal materials.

Not only this, but it features SuperFabric too. Normally used in clothing from brands such as North Face and Oakley it increases the abrasion resistance of the material by 10 times! You’ll find it on the elbows and shoulders of the jacket – the obvious places to protect should you need to.

There are pockets a plenty of differing sizes meaning that you’ll never be short of where to put your belongings. Attention to detail is paramount; there is even a designated performance eyewear pocket with an in-built lens wipe, not forgetting the thumbholes in the sleeve liners to keep out that pesky ‘up-sleeve’ draft and keep the jacket in place.  

I’d say this is an all-rounder – there’s a separate warmth liner jacket inside, complete with its own pockets, which can be taken out if the weather is nice and the in-built kidney belt can be pulled out and worn independently too.

At around £593 a pop, admittedly, it’s not the cheapest jacket available. But can you put a price on being comfortable and most of all safe? Plus, because you can wear it all year round – you could justify the spend. If functional jackets aren’t your thing then the range contains a leather jacket too as well as the matching trousers made from leather and textile.