Buffalo Endurance jacket & trousers – 1st review

OK, so Bike Social HQ is located near The Fens which is about as close to the wilderness as it gets in the UK so we’ve just had to make do when reviewing Buffalo’s claims that their gear is “tough enough for the wildness”.

Buffalo endurance jacket modelled by the headless and handless man  Endurance Trousers, flattering shape

This textile/leather mix jacket and trouser combo serves as a fantastic all-year-round package and I’ve been riding in them for a couple of months now which has included several cooler trips yet the Buffalo Endurance kit has performed admirably. They’re comfortable, warm and flexible with an abundance of pockets to lose your keys, wallet, phone etc. in.  There’s even a document pocket on the rear of the jacket.

Well fastened jacket - reassuring  Two vents, two pockets - complicated

Even on those cooler trips i.e. sub 8 degree, I was more than happy without the zip-out quilted lining…perhaps that should only be reserved for the wilderness. 

It’s a good-looking two-piece set which zips together around the lower back only. There’s CE Approved armour in shoulders and elbows and I can reliably report that it was 100% waterproof when I was caught in a downpour…all in the name of a thorough review!

I even had to check twice when I saw the RRP on these; you can buy the jacket and trousers for under £230! You then have to check a third time when you wear the kit because it has a feeling of very good quality even down to fastening the jacket with the heavy duty zip, Velcro and popper combination.

Keep it all tucked in  Where trousers meet jacket

It has to be the most adjustable jacket I’ve worn with a zip and Velcro adjustment around the cuff, a two button adjustor on the inner elbow and a further Velcro/D-link adjuster further up the arm. Then you have a similar yet wider Velcro/D-link adjuster below your ribs with two external pockets and a vent on each side plus the aforementioned document pocket on the rear.

The trousers also have a removable quilt lining, two horizontal zip pockets, are fastened by two buttons, a zip and Velcro…just in case, and have CE Approved armour in the knees.

Super safe sleeve with many fastenings  For non-creased documents, store here

The sizing was a little peculiar so be careful if you’re ordering from the internet and not trying before you buy.  I’m a 40/42” chest and found the ‘Medium’ sized jacket to my liking yet with a 34” waist, suddenly my self–confidence took a battering as I succumbed to the ‘XL’ trousers. They seem to have been designed with the current slimmer-fit fashion in mind and although it didn’t concern me, I can imagine those with more rugby oriented quadriceps than mine might consider this design to be a tight fit, especially as you tend to ride motorcycles with the your knees bent.

The jacket is available in sizes Small – 5XL while the trousers are sized from XS – 5XL.

So yes, it’s certainly tough enough for the A605, not quite the wildness but who’ll ever worry about their motorcycle gear standing up to the rigours of the wilderness?

A back protector is available separately.

Jacket: £129.99, available at Bike Nation, click this link.

Trousers: £99.99, available at Bike Nation, click this link.